Thursday, January 29, 2009

Team Theodore Wins DC Winter Classic Practice (They Think)

Team Theo, AKA the White Team, won the DC Winter Classic Practice today 11-10 at Chevy Chase Club. Or so they think. Team Johnny, AKA the Blue Team, thought they tied the game at the buzzer with a shot from Ovi off a pass from Semin. Coach Boudreau, in his capacity as referee/linesman, called the game for Team Theo.

They may not have agreed upon the game's outcome, but the players did agree on one thing: it was a fun event. They might have taken it a little too seriously (Coach Boudreau had to pull them aside at one point during the game and remind them to lighten up), but they had a great time, and so did the 200 or so club members and youth hockey players who were on hand to watch.

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